save money thanks to COVID-19

How to save money thanks to COVID-19

The pandemic that strikes us, COVID 19, or more commonly called coronavirus. Not only has it been a health emergency, but it has completely wiped out a large part of the domestic economy. The scandalous unemployment figures that have been published for the month of March are not a good figure. There are many families that go through real difficulties at a time when discouragement spreads. But you have to get something positive, saving money thanks to COVID-19 is a possibility. Perhaps times of crisis are ideal for sharpening your wits.

Learn to save money thanks to COVID-19

A large part of a family's budget goes to filling the pantry. We are going to establish a way to make this period of confinement a way to save money.

Save on the weekly purchase

As the exits are very restricted, you can only go out to buy food and medicine; The ideal is to make a closed shopping list, that is, there is no possibility of getting out of it. Obviously, you have to eliminate even temporarily, all kinds of quirks. Once the list has been prepared and a weekly menu is made, we must try to buy in the establishments where it is more favorable for our pocket. Taking advantage of 3 × 2 offers is a good saving measure.

Try to make menus with seasonal and fresh products. Legumes can be good allies, they have a long expiration date and are nutritionally wonderful. Vegetables don't last that long, but they are inexpensive and nutritious. Avoid precooked and processed products, bad for health and wallet. If you make large purchases and then cook and freeze, the savings will be remarkable. Try to find foods that allow you to have 2 or 3 meals. For example, if you make a stew, you can take advantage of the meat that is left over for some croquettes. Buy smart and thinking for long periods of time. Recover the classic recipes and make cookies and cakes before you have to buy them, you will kill time and save money.

Save on other expenses

Leisure options are reduced during confinement, but if you are struggling financially, this is not a good time to maintain these expenses. Digital TV platforms may be on hiatus for a season and you may be able to resume habits; like reading, crafts or dusting off that guitar you've been wanting to learn to play for years. If you are addicted to television and its contents, you can watch a multitude of documentaries, movies and series without having to pay anything, it is just a matter of searching well.

If you are going to have a lot of free time, it is time to analyze bills and see where the money escapes. You can change your electricity or gas operator for another, or look for an offer. Call your companies and comment on your situation, there may be a more convenient rate for you. Likewise with your mobile and fixed telephony contract. Credit cards are also an expense, you can probably set a lower fee, even if you extend the term . You will have time to liquidate it. Regarding insurance, it may be that by unifying some you can save a good pinch.

Likewise, the Income Declaration period has just started, from home you can see the draft and see if it is convenient for you to do it. You may have the right to a refund, the process is fast and the money is paid in approximately a week. Good opportunity to ease the household economy.

As you can see, there are quite a few options to save money thanks to COVID-19 . If you are considering a loan to deal with the situation, don't forget to make use of our comparator , with which you can see the best options that suit your portfolio.

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