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Why you should use your smartwatch to pay

The arrival of the famous wearables , that is, portable devices that make our lives more comfortable. It allows us to take actions that were previously unthinkable. For example, boarding a plane carrying the cards on our mobile phone. Or order takeout or check a road map. And if there is a device that is hitting hard, these are smart watches. Among other things, you can use your smartwatch to pay , since it allows you to do without physical cards. In this post we want to introduce you to all the advantages of using this device in your day-to-day life.

Using your smartwatch to pay: all advantages

These devices work like a normal watch, although they have added functions. It could be said that they are small computers. That either are linked to our mobile phone, or have their own mobile data network. We use them not only to know the time, but also to check our blood pressure, calculate the steps taken, know the time it will do and pay with total security. The impact of new technologies related to finance has come with force.

Smart watches mostly allow you to store bank cards , as many as you want. In such a way that you can put the watch on a contactless dataphone and pay with full security. The advantages that are obtained are multiple, so you should not miss them if you already have a smartwatch.

6 advantages of using a smartwatch

  • It allows you to get rid of loading your wallet with cards. You store them virtually on your device and that's it. Less weight, less volume and greater comfort.
  • It is a fast and hygienic system. When used as a contactless payment, there is no contact with the POS. Likewise, it is not necessary to enter the PIN for purchases over 20 euros.
  • It is extremely safe. Paying with your smartwatch is, today, the safest payment system. The servers are fully encrypted, there is no data storage by any of the parties. How much news do we have of card cloning in establishments? With smartwatch payment, it is simply impossible.
  • If for any reason, someone takes your watch, worry only about filing a report for theft or robbery. It will not do you much good to take it with you, since as soon as you undo it, it locks and is only activated again by means of a PIN code.
  • It no longer generates mistrust. It is an increasingly common system and, although some merchants are still unaware of it, it has become very common in shopping centers.
  • Banks already offer apps fully developed for this type of watch. It is not about the future, but about the present.

Having a smart watch allows you to save time in payments, so that you can leave your wallet at home when you go shopping. Smartwatches will have to face other types of challenges in the near future, such as being able to fully replace a bank card. For example, using contactless technology, money could be withdrawn from an ATM without the need for a card. The end of physical money, and even that of bank cards in plastic format seems to be closer and closer.

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