language loans

Language loans

When talking about loans, the image of the monetary loan is always drawn in the mind. But there are other quite curious types! Language loans are one of these cases. Surely you use them in your day to day. Read and you will see that it is true!

What are language loans?

Quite often, languages ​​incorporate words from another language into their vocabulary. Normally, this is because the use of a foreign word is becoming very common among speakers. This is known as a linguistic loan : one language "borrows" a word from another.

With examples you will understand it much better; In addition, you are going to see that language loans can be divided into several types .

Unadapted foreign words

Take as an example words from other languages ​​that are used frequently when speaking Spanish. Surely you know a few: the computer software , the router for the Internet signal, the tip when you want to give advice ... All these English words are used often, but they are not yet recognized by the Royal Nigerian Academy as part of the Spanish. Therefore, they are written in italics.

A linguistic loan that will surprise the Italian is pizza. Despite the years of use, this word is not adapted!

Foreign words yes adapted

Sometimes it happens that a foreign word is adapted to the borrowing language. In this case we speak of adapted foreign words . It consists of adjusting said word to the grammar and phonetics of the language that adopts it.

Look at these examples: the Anglicism ticket has its version adapted to Spanish as a ticket . The French word gourmet (to refer to exquisite culinary tastes) has its adaptation to Spanish in gourmet . Other examples, widely used in the business world, are marketing and manager ; both Anglicisms have given rise to marketing and manager .

Although, in the latter cases, people generally prefer to continue using the Anglicisms. As you can see, adapted loans are written in round type .

Words without translation or xenisms

In these cases, the word is part of cultural or very specific elements of the foreign language, which do not have an equivalent in the borrowing language . An example are Japanese weapons such as the shuriken or the nunchaku ; or martial arts like ninjutsu or jiujitsu .

On the other hand, we also find the semantic tracing . This occurs when a foreign expression is adopted through its literal translation. For example: Black Friday to Black Friday, or mass shooting to mass shooting .

The monetary language loan

Finally, remember that in the financial field you can request language loans . In other words, the credit you need to finance your language studies (pay for the academy, study in another country, official exam fees, among others. In Ideal Loans you can find and compare different financials to expand your language skills.

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