Mood influences finances

Does the mood affect finances?

Many often wonder if the mood influences finances . Those who work in the world of economics are famous for their nerves of steel. Especially those who start investing in the stock market. However, the rest of the mortals are subject to different moods. Do they influence finances?

Does the mood affect finances?

Maintaining a healthy finances requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. Avoiding anything that can reduce assets is essential, although there is always the possibility of making mistakes. In fact, mistakes are a powerful learning tool , since it will be difficult to fall back into the same mistake; especially if it has been very serious. However, in finance, security is key in any case.

So what is the role of emotions? A good part of finances is based on decision making. Where to invest, how to do it or apply for a loan or not, are some of the questions that many ask themselves. Emotions play a decisive role in them . Insecurity, nervousness, confidence or mistrust, it doesn't matter. These are some of the keys when deciding, since they can tip the balance to one side or the other.

Influence of emotions

A moment in which you feel positive and relaxed predisposes you to purchase ; While when sadness invades you, you will make worse decisions. Since you are not willing to take too many risks. However, mood affects each person differently. For example, a person who feels sad may try to make up for it by buying something, while another in similar circumstances would do nothing.

Some studies claim that those in good spirits are more willing to make risky decisions . However, those who are down become more cautious, sometimes irrationally. Thus, these individuals avoid making risky decisions at all costs or are slow to make a decision. Although in this state you get to pay more attention to details in some cases.

In addition, mood also affects how events are remembered . Which will be evident in the way in which finances are managed. For example, having parents who made many expenses and did not do well with finances; It can affect a more thrifty person.

In short, it is true that the mood influences finances , although not in a linear way. Two people in the same circumstances are going to make different decisions. The character of each one also enters here, but the spirit will be a great force that will prepare them for some acts and others. It is best to make decisions with a cool head and compare different options. In Ideal Loans you can compare different loans and choose the one that best suits your budget.

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