digital or physical money

Use of money. Digital vs physical

Money has evolved throughout history, taking the form of raw materials like salt to become gold itself. Nowadays, from the paper and currency format it has become virtual, which has changed the use of money forever . Digital vs physical , which of the two predominates?

Money today

Although there are still small industries and businesses that continue to pay their employees in cash; most large corporations do this through wire transfers .

Despite the fact that many small businesses only allow the use of physical money, the truth is that today a person can live perfectly without using it. Why? Because as far as physical purchases are concerned, any large establishment or supermarket offers the possibility of paying by card at a bank POS . While, on the internet, various payment gateways have proliferated, almost totally displacing cash on delivery.

The trends suggest that physical and digital money will continue to coexist for a time that cannot yet be determined. But, sooner or later, digital will end up prevailing due to its comfort and simplicity of use.

The impact of new technologies

The different payment gateways have had a great influence on the normalization of virtual money. Payment methods such as PayPal , Stripe or virtual POS are present in most electronic businesses. Some physicists even allow you to pay for purchases on site through platforms such as those mentioned.

On the other hand, both the physical POS and certain virtual gateways offer the possibility of financing purchases in installments . An increasingly attractive feature for the consumer, who only has to provide their card details. Currently, several companies specializing in this service are appearing.

Parallel to the official currencies of each region, others have emerged that are entirely virtual. This is the case of cryptocurrencies . Some physical and online stores already allow its use. In addition, they are part of the stock market and allow speculation and its conversion to normal money.

All banking entities, for their part, have an official website where the client can carry out actions comfortably from home and without having to go to the ATM. For example, check your balance, make transfers, or schedule automatic monthly payments.

The use of money. Digital vs physical

Currently, in the physical field of everyday life, both forms are still used interchangeably. For small payments, cash is still used. But, logically, when it comes to online purchases, digital money clearly wins the game.

Only a minority of middle-aged and elderly people have yet to become familiar with digital money. Although, for now, the trend in the use of money, digital vs. physical, is the coexistence of both methods. In Ideal Loans we are at the forefront of the digital concept. Therefore, you can find fast financing in up to 15 minutes.

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