Loans for SMEs

Loans for SMEs

During the last decades the business world has changed, and with it an innovation movement has emerged, the SMEs. These are small and medium-sized companies that are born from the vision of entrepreneurs. Its appearance arises through ideas that seek to solve problems and help specific niches. Today there is a large number of entrepreneurs looking for financing to carry out their projects. That is why loans for SMEs arose. In this post we will explain how they work and how they can be requested.

Loans for SMEs

Loans for SMEs are one of the options that entrepreneurs have to start their business. SMEs are born from innovative ideas from one person and sometimes from a group. To start the company there are three ways to obtain financing: own capital, loans or credits, and investors or Crowdfunding.

Own capital

This option is chosen by people who do not like to incur debt. Some entrepreneurs being employees save money for a time while raising a certain amount to start their business. This option is not the most common, but it is an alternative for entrepreneurs.

Loans or credits for SMEs

This method of financing is one of the most used thanks to the variety of options. Both operations can be carried out through the company or individually by the entrepreneur. Being the last option of great help for the credit history that the person may have.

Loans for SMEs work very similar to personal loans . The bank or financial entity grants an amount, interests and fees are determined, which must be paid monthly. Before applying for a loan, it is very important to have an action plan and budgets to define the amount to request. Since in this way you can have better control of investment and expenses.


Crowdfunding is the most modern way of obtaining capital to start a business idea. It is based on collective financing where the project is exposed on a platform and people or companies invest in those that are of interest to them. Participation can be in three ways: shareholder participation, exchange of money for products or services, and donation.

Participation as a shareholder : this participation represents trust and interest in the project. It is based on investing money in exchange for a shareholding, the number of shares will depend on the amount to be invested.

Exchange : this model works as its name says through an exchange. SMEs offer products, advertising, exclusive content, among others. In exchange for money, the amount contributed will represent more or less benefits.

Donation : this option is widely used for charitable or ecological projects. The people who collaborate in this type of crowdfunding do so non-profit.

SMEs represent the present and future within the business world, and there are more and more opportunities to obtain financing. In Ideal Loans you can compare many options to get loans for SMEs. You can find financing from € 300 to € 100,000.

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