What is apple pay

What is Apple Pay and how you can benefit from it

Taking out the card to pay at a store is ceasing to be something exclusive to electronic commerce. New ways of making purchases, using for example your smart watch , make our habits change. Today we embark on knowing the payment method of the Californian giant Apple. If you want to know what Apple Pay is , do not miss a detail that we tell you here.

What is Apple Pay?

It is a payment system developed by Apple and whose main feature is contactless. You can have your debit or credit cards stored on your devices, from an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or computer. Thanks to this system, you have a safe, clean payment method that facilitates your purchases online or physically.

Now that purchases from our home through the internet are so common; Apple Pay can be used from your Apple computer with built-in Touch ID. Simply put the registered finger on the sensor and the purchase is done, without having to put the card number again.

If there's one thing Apple stands out for as a company, it's privacy. When using Apple Pay, this company uses a unique code for each transaction and device . In such a way that neither the card number nor the transaction identifier is stored on Apple's servers.

Thanks to this system it is possible to pay in shops in a curious way. If you have it activated on your phone, the iPhone, just select the card in the Wallet app, bring the phone close to the dataphone and authorize the transaction through Face ID . That is, it is your face that opens the door for the transaction to take place. In the unlikely event that someone steals your phone and gets the unlock code, they couldn't use the cards to pay as they need the owner's face to authorize the purchase.

What cards does Apple Pay support?

The big three operators such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard are available on Apple Pay. And since its appearance, Apple Pay has been joined by practically all Spanish banks and credit entities, making a total of 48 of them. If you have an Apple device, the most sensible thing to do is integrate this payment method into it and be able to make use of its advantages.

These are the advantages of Apple Pay

For starters, Apple Pay is the most secure payment system out there today. We have said that transactions are not stored on the company's servers. But, in addition, Apple does not share our card data with businesses.

With Apple Pay we gain in convenience. You can leave the wallet at home and pay for the purchase with your phone or watch. Do you think it is not useful? Athletes who go out to train in the morning and return home after doing their run of kilometers through the city; they can buy bread and newspaper with the same watch with which they record their training.

In times of pandemic, paying with a device is more hygienic than paying with cash. Coins and bills are still a source of bacteria.

Now that you know what Apple Pay is , do not close yourself to the possibility of incorporating these new means of payment into your day to day. For convenience and security, it is time to park your physical cards aside and enjoy the advantages of a fast, safe and reliable system.

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