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What to do if I have unrecognized charges on my checking account

It is a reality: we worry about our finances. Human beings have always been concerned with knowing where our money is going and how we spend it. The ease with which we now access our bank accounts, whether from a computer or mobile phone, sometimes causes alarms to go off. When we have unrecognized charges in our checking account we get nervous, but it is best to exercise caution and follow these steps.

What are unrecognized charges?

By this denomination it is understood that they are those charges that have been paid from our account and that we are not able to associate with any purchase or subscription. An unrecognized charge does not have to be an improper one, it may be one of which we do not know details, and when clarified, they already become recognized charges.

Act against improper charges

First of all, don't be alarmed. These are easily clarified by doing something from memory, or by visiting our bank or financial institution. We must bear in mind that the denomination by which the charges appear may differ greatly from the commercial name. The case of a fast food chain is well known, if you pay with a bank card you will see reflected in the statement the name "have fun while you eat."

Although it is normal for an unrecognized charge to be identified just by making a call. There are times when the extract details an unpleasant surprise. They are duplicate charges or we have not made them. It is time to get down to work and act as quickly as possible.

Communication with your bank is essential, since a duplicate charge can be resolved quickly. But an improper one for fraudulent use of the card requires other mechanisms. First, call the customer service of your bank to cancel that card immediately. Those who act illegally are making purchases for amounts that are not too high, but very numerous.

Second, speak to your office to report the situation. There are times when they are the ones who alert the customer, because a payment from abroad can raise suspicions. Anyway, keep calm , the insurance associated with the cards takes care of this type of charge. But for this you have to file a complaint.

A step that you should not ignore

Go to the nearest police station and file a complaint. Providing all the information that you consider relevant, such as a copy of the extracts. If you don't want to waste too much time, you can file your complaint electronically from your own home . You will only have to print it and go through the police station to have it sealed. You will save a lot of time.

Once you have the complaint filed, go with it to your bank and detail the facts. You must provide a copy of the notification to the security forces. It is a document that the bank needs to be able to claim from the insurer the amount of what was defrauded.

As a final tip, check your bank statement regularly. It can quickly alert you to any unrecognized charges. And remember to buy in safe places , especially when you do it online.

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