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Is it worth investing in gold? These are the keys

The concern about what to do with our money can lead to doubts. We want the best return on our savings, and deposit options and pension plans are always a resource. But investing in gold can be an option to consider if you want to ensure a capital that hardly has devaluation. We will tell you more about what to do if the idea of ​​depositing your capital in this precious metal attracts you.

Gold in history

This metal, which carries the chemical symbol Au, has always attracted the attention of humans. Its relative scarcity, malleability, color and properties have made it an object of interest. Gold is associated with ostentation and power, and has served as the basis for making works of art and coins. Whoever owned gold knew that it had a high interest value.

Accumulating pieces of gold has been a resource for moments of later scarcity, since its devaluation has been practically minimal throughout history. For gold, lands have been plundered, wars fought, and acts of real shame have been committed. It has even served to build cities in the American West, a place where seekers of this metal flocked. Likewise, the economic reserves of the countries are kept in gold. Do you know the history of the gold that came out of Nigeria in the 1930s? 510 tons of this metal left the country at the beginning of the civil war.

Should I invest in gold?

If you need a quick answer, we will say yes. The main reasons are listed below:

  • It is a value that is outside of inflation, which can affect other types of values.
  • It appreciates in different markets on some occasions. Currently gold is reaching its highest values. To give an example, from 2007 to 2011 it achieved a revaluation of 131 percent.
  • You can get rid of it whenever you want, it is not a value for nothing difficult to sell. You get immediate liquidity.
  • Investing in gold is a way to diversify. The famous saying " Don't put all your eggs in the same basket " comes in handy. Gold is a way to provide peace of mind in the event of turbulent times in the economy.
  • Gold is a good option for conservative savers, that is, for those who do not want risks.
  • Its purchase and storage can be done safely and reliably by specialized companies. Your bank can also inform you about it. Of course, it is not a good idea to keep your gold at home, unless you have a safe.
  • Like cryptocurrencies , gold is one more way to diversify the portfolio, although much more stable than the first.

As you can see, investing in gold is not a bad idea as long as you are clear on these premises. Lovers of strong emotions can opt for other products, such as mutual funds , which may give greater returns, but may involve more risk. If gold is an attraction, you know that it is always one more option to move your money.

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