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Merchant: Time to accept card payments

Credit and debit cards are very popular products, as they have many advantages. However, there are still businesses, mostly small, that do not have this means of payment available. Reality prevails, and nowadays not admitting plastic in a store is a mistake. The advantages of accepting card payments are varied. So if you have a trade and you still resist, you should read our article.

Reasons that can lead to not accepting card payments

Some merchants are still reluctant to accept card payments. Or they think their customers are not going to get used to it; or they believe that dataphone fees are high. Nothing further from reality. Card payments do not stop growing , even in older people. The trend is leading us to abandon the use of cash . Especially after the COVID-19 crisis, which has supported payment by card, mobile phone or smartwatch . Extreme hygiene leads to cash looking dirty.

On the other hand, the rates of the collection systems are no longer high at all. The providers of these devices offer a flat rate system; or a percentage per operation that is not very high, less than 2 percent. To date, it does not seem like a good idea to close and charge with cards.

The advantages of accepting card payments

If you have a business and you are still reluctant to offer this method for your customers to pay, you should know that:

  • It is a loyalty system : when a business accepts card payments, buyers will go to it before another that does not offer it. The card payment is comfortable for the customer, and it is what should matter to you, their well-being.
  • You avoid handling cash : not only for hygiene reasons , but because you will have to give less change. You do not accumulate so much physical money in your store, which is always a succulent loot. And you also save yourself the trips to the bank to have to enter it.
  • Minimum payment? : less and less: there are banking entities that are not going to penalize for the use of the dataphone; So if a customer buys you an item of very little value, you can charge by card without problems. It is always an advantage for the client not to have to reach a minimum to be able to pay like this. And this brings us to the first point, that of loyalty.
  • It's more transparent : for tax purposes, the best you can do is charge by card. The chances of error are minimized, and returns are made conveniently.
  • They are easy to use: the dataphones are connected to the electrical current and also have a battery that allows them to be moved around your premises comfortably. They are simple systems to use, both for the merchant and for the customer. It is also not necessary that you have to install a Wi-Fi network, the vast majority work with mobile data.

It is a reality, accepting card payments is a matter that only has advantages. In times when the competition is so fierce , not doing so is reason to start losing customers. Are you going to allow it?

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