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The best ways to avoid card fees

The use of electronic money is more than a reality. We have recently learned that the use of cash during the pandemic has fallen by 40 percent, and that cards have gained ground. But everything has a consideration, we have to pay for its use. However, avoiding commissions from cards , both debit and credit, is possible if you know how to play certain cards in your favor.

What are the commissions of the cards?

It is a type of fee that is paid either for making use of a bank card, or for withdrawing money from an ATM that is not from our entity. These commissions are specified in the contracts , in such a way that users should not be caught by surprise when these fees are charged. But of course, it is not something we like to have to do.

It should be borne in mind that 2020 is not a good year for free cards. The big banks have taken a step forward and charge heavy commissions to those customers who do not meet certain conditions, such as having a direct debit payroll.

Similarly, credit and debit cards may not have commissions as long as you make minimal use of them. If not, the bank will charge what is stipulated.

What to do to avoid card fees?

First of all, we must not keep a card that we do not use. It will be enough to cancel the contract associated with the card and from the beginning we will be saving money. There is no point in paying for something that is not used. Next, it is convenient to study alternative options. There are banks that charge commissions for some cards in their catalog, but not for others; so a simple consultation with our banking advisor will get us out of doubts.

We must know what are the conditions that we must meet to avoid paying commissions. If a credit purchase is requested, it does not cost much to do so if the conditions are advantageous to us. A credit card is always a good resource that can get us out of trouble.

If we see that they are charging us a commission for the use of our cards, we can try to negotiate the conditions and request that these fees be waived. If we are an attractive customer for the bank, they probably won't charge us these fees. But it is something you should not take for granted, so be prepared for a "no" for an answer.

Lastly, there are many interesting options outside of traditional banking. Digital banks or neobanks are taking a spectacular boom, and their conditions are always very favorable for the client. The fact of not having physical offices means that they can offer fabulous conditions, including cards without commissions.

Avoiding the commissions of the cards is possible, it will be enough to study what we have contracted and get the conditions that best suit us. The financial market is more alive than ever and going out of our comfort zone to explore other possibilities can save you a lot of euros.

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