How to save a lot of money on a trip abroad

How to save a lot of money on a trip abroad

Although the COVID-19 crisis has paralyzed any type of activity, including travel. There is no doubt that we will return to normality in a while. When it comes to thinking about a trip, especially if it is to another country, a question always assails us. How to save a lot of money on a trip abroad? If leaving home is already expensive, we can always use some tricks that will save us some money on our trips.

You follow these tricks to save on your trips

Make use of your card

To start, it is always advisable to make payments with your debit card . They are already accepted anywhere in the world and are usually adequate to save the commissions charged in exchange houses. This rule also applies when withdrawing money from an ATM. It is a practice that you should avoid, because of the commissions. But if you are forced to do so, try to get a sum that meets your needs. Each visit to the ATM is a not cheap commission for you.

Choose well where to eat

It is inevitable, on trips you always have to eat on the street. But it is not the same to do it in a downtown restaurant, than perhaps in a more secluded one. In these cases, mobile apps provide good information with continuous customer referrals. You can also buy food ready to go and taste it in a quiet corner. Compare prices and do not search desperately for sites, most likely you will not be right.

There are many free things to do

If what you want to know is how to save a lot of money on a trip abroad. One of the tricks is to find out about the sites that you can visit for free ; as well as leisure and cultural activities that do not cost money. Tourist offices usually give a lot of information about them, and also the internet is your ally. They are more than you imagine and the vast majority are very interesting.

Plan ahead

Thanks to the fact that the internet has made the world smaller, it is possible to access a lot of interesting information without the need to resort to a guide. You can create a promising tour with everything you want to visit. Know in advance the price of public transport and the different options in terms of transport cards. Many times the VTC platforms are a good option to save on travel. Improvising on a trip is often expensive.

Make a budget

Having a fairly closed budget for each day is always a good saving measure. Sometimes it is difficult to carry it to the letter, but on trips we tend to have a looser hand in terms of expenses. It is not about going through hardships, but about knowing what is essential and what is accessory. Maybe that appetizing souvenir can throw you off your budget, think about the memories and experiences that you are going to take with you.

As you can see, there are many ways to save a lot of money on a trip abroad. Using our heads and being proactive, we can go home feeling good and some money still in the account.

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