theft of credit cards

My cards have been stolen, what to do?

The theft of credit cards is a traumatic experience, especially when we are abroad. At the very bad taste in the mouth that the experience of having been assaulted supposes, a feeling of helplessness arises that suffocates us. We do not know if the person who stole from us will use the cards. If the sad experience of the robbery is also in an ATM and they force us to withdraw cash, the regret is maximum. How to act and what to do in case of card theft?

Vital tips in case of card theft

If the theft has been direct, that is, they threaten us with harm if we do not deliver them or take money from the ATM. Never resist or confront the thief. The consequences can be unpredictable and it is best to act smart, that is, give him the money. We will have time to recover it, but what one cannot easily overcome is a violent performance .

Ask for help

If it happens to you, as soon as he's gone ask someone for help. Your nervous state is probably preventing you from acting correctly. In these cases, someone outside can help you locate the police or make a phone call. In any case, do not waste time, go to file a complaint and inform the bank of the event by phone. Usually ATMs have help numbers visible.

Make the complaint

If the theft has been inadvertent, first of all, inform the bank of what has happened. They will quickly void the cards so that no charges can be made on them. Then go file a complaint . This point is essential, as it will allow you to have something to take advantage of in case of problems. As for example, that the thieves have made a purchase or cash withdrawal before you have canceled them.

In the event that the bank does not want to take charge of the amounts stolen or the amount of the purchases made. You must file a formal claim with your bank's customer service . Providing the complaint and all the documentation you can, such as the extracts of the cards.

Be cautious with online purchases

It is also necessary to exercise extreme caution when operating online with our cards. There are usually many added security measures. For example, sending a PIN code to the mobile phone before making a payment. But we can be victims of more sophisticated schemes, such as phishing . Be totally suspicious of emails that, with normal appearance, do not hide more than the way to get your money. A bank will never ask for your PIN code. Ignore those emails that ask you for urgent action on your account. Banks normally inform the customer of any incident by telephone.

When buying online, a good security measure is to do it with a prepaid card . With this we will charge the amount of the purchase just when we go to make it. And remember that the pages have secure payment gateways. Note that after the "http" with which all webs begin, the letter "s" appears. An extra encryption and security will be your allies.

Staying calm and acting quickly are the best ways to act in the event of credit card theft.

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