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Can I request a loan to pay another one?

The high level of consumption, the inability to contain expenses and poor management of personal finances, leads to a high debt rate . Many families bear a high level of debt, which means that asking for a loan is a recurring exit. However, is it convenient to do so? These are the keys that you have to know before jumping into it.

Why is there a high level of debt?

With loans, it happens as it happened at the time with the real estate bubble. Ideal conditions were created that were not at all realistic, and they ended up exploding. The consequences are what they are, a level of personal and family debt above the income level. This leads to continue asking for financing to be able to carry the day to day and make the debt increase.

Our society is not used to knowing how to say no. Everything is wanted in the moment and for people without much self-control capacity, daily life is full of temptations. If you are not able to manage these situations with a cool head, economic problems will not stop growing.

The debts that are acquired after requesting a loan are an inescapable commitment that is acquired with the financial institution. Failure to pay these terms in time lead to problems and inconveniences. In addition to generating a slab, unpaid debts make us enter the lists of defaulters , thus closing the possibility of accessing a loan.

What to do in these cases?

Obviously we have to continue fulfilling our obligations; But in case of difficulties, asking for a loan to pay for another is a temptation. This is generally not a good idea, because what you do is add to the debt snowball. However, it may be an option that suits us if it meets a requirement, that the interests are much lower. Asking for a loan from a financial institution to be able to pay another is a matter of doing numbers. It may be that, between the opening commission and the interest, it will be more convenient to be able to do so. And thus to be able to manage payments with greater ease. To do this, take a paper and a pencil, in addition to the calculator, to be able to know if it is convenient or not. When in doubt, talk to your business manager to shed some light on the matter.

This decision must always be made with caution, as there is a risk of starting over with debts. That is why we must analyze the different products that they offer us in order to choose well. Never get carried away by despair, generally the consequences are catastrophic.

In Ideal Loans we offer a series of products that can be useful in case of need; since the amounts to request are variable and the fees are adapted to your possibilities. You get a response in a few minutes and the documentation is processed quickly. Perhaps they can be a recommended option if you study them carefully and thus be able to breathe calmly.

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