what are virtual cards

What are virtual cards?

In an increasingly digitized world, digital versions of physical products are gaining strength . For example, the press or recipe books are being replaced by those that you can consult online. The same thing happens in the banking world. Now it is possible to open a checking account by this means, and as well as make transfers from your mobile device. Virtual cards are taking a major boom. If you do not know them, we invite you to discover their functions and advantages, which are many. What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards, a product on the rise

Virtual cards are a banking product that works in the same way as a physical card. That is, it has its number, expiration date and CVV code. However, they do not exist in a tangible way. You cannot carry them in your pocket or purse , since they are only in your online operation. They are the favorite of many users when making purchases online, since their degree of security is greater. Yes, this is so as it is not possible for anyone to remove them from your wallet.

Virtual cards have the approval of the youngest people. Those who like to buy consumer goods on the internet, and little by little they have managed to gain the popularity of users. The older population is still partly reluctant to use it, either because they prefer the physical or cash format, or because they do not know or are not familiar with the use of the Internet.

These are the advantages of the cards

Virtual cards are a convenient product to use and that have achieved their popularity thanks to various factors, such as:

  • They are free : since there is no plastic issue, banks do not charge a commission for their maintenance or use.
  • They are very safe: the possibility of theft or theft is eliminated, even that of being cloned in a dataphone or ATM. Being operational only when you want it and from your online banking, the security conditions are higher. Not only that, purchases are usually confirmed by sending an SMS to the associated mobile phone.
  • They are versatile: being associated with your bank account, you can spend what you have at that time. In the same way, many exist in the prepaid mode, charging with the amount we spend. Ideal for making purchases online, you will be having just enough money for that purchase.
  • Ease of contracting: you can request them immediately from your personal area in the electronic banking that you use.

Virtual cards make a series of advantages available to anyone that are very beneficial. These types of cards are not incompatible with other types of products and it is always recommended to have one. Since they are the best to be able to make purchases online. Good proof of its strength is that the PayPal payment platform is in the testing phase of its own virtual Master Card.

If you are interested in these types of products, we invite you to consult the options offered by your online banking , as well as to follow the articles that we publish , with all the latest financial information.

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