save 50 euros per month

5 tricks to save 50 euros a month

Making it to the end of the month can be an odyssey for many people. Money flies away and sometimes it is necessary to make real guesses to be able to stretch it to the maximum. However, it is possible to put in place a series of mechanisms so that you can save 50 euros per month. If you want to know how and what are the ways to establish a base that allows you to save some money, we recommend reading this article.

Is not 50 euros little?

Today, many people and families end the month without having been able to save a few euros . So 50 euros is effectively a small amount, but it is already something. We are laying a base that will allow us to get 600 euros a year. It is much better to set a realistic but achievable goal than a higher cap and end badly. Saving 50 euros a month is very simple as soon as you start these tips.

How to save 50 euros a month

Avoid recurring temptations

We know that having a couple of coffees or a soft drink at the bar is a pleasure that is rarely waivable. It is not that the sacrifices are extreme, but it is that you can moderate your expenses. Think that a coffee usually has an average cost of 1.30 euros; As soon as you take 2 each day we are already talking about 78 euros per month. You can reduce the frequency of visits to the bar and have some at home.

Where can I trim from?

Saving does not mean living like a hermit, but knowing where we invest our money. Take a look at your bank statement to see if there are any superfluous expenses that you can get rid of. For example, that subscription to the magazine that you do not read, to the digital cinema platform that you do not take advantage of or the very hackneyed quota of the gym. Saving can be important as soon as you throw in numbers . Do not forget to review bank fees, what you pay for a loan and interest. A visit to your bank can save you some money at the end of the month.

Be aware of money

One of the dangers of using debit and credit cards is that they make us lose track of how volatile money is. You can have at home a boat or piggy bank in which you can put the excess cash from your pockets. After a few days you can see that money takes shape and that junk that you left in your pockets or purse and ended up in the third bar coffee of the day; it can become something more, for example a trip.

Round up your purchases

Very useful system both when paying for some card purchases. Many banks allow you to round up your purchases to a higher amount ; and that money is saved in a separate account automatically. For example, if you buy a T-shirt for 12, 35 euros, the bank will charge you 13 euros and those 65 cents that you have overpaid will be saved separately. Ask your bank if they have this possibility enabled.

Go from the possible to the impossible

This last advice is related to what we have talked about at the beginning. We must be realistic and set achievable goals that do not involve too much effort. If your sights are too high, the time will come when you will need money and you will have the piggy bank to zero again. For that reason, it is much more sensible to set a close goal , 2 euros a day, than 100 at the end of the month.

As you can see, saving 50 euros a month is not impossible. You just have to do an analysis of where the money is going and try to stop those purchases or acquisitions that we do not need. If we make saving a habit , the more solid our financial health will be.

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