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When is it interesting to use a prepaid bank card

In the world of finance it is very common to use cards to pay for our purchases; as well as to withdraw money from ATMs. A product that enjoys extraordinary health has joined the extensive range of bank cards, we are talking about the prepaid bank card. It is a great solution for those people who, without losing any functionality, want to have control over their expenses. We invite you to know how they are and why they are so widespread.

What is a prepaid bank card?

It is a debit card that has the ability to be loaded with an amount that we estimate, from a few euros to larger amounts. We know that debit cards are associated with the balance of the bank account to which they are attached. However, a prepaid bank card can be assigned a specific amount. What at first does not seem to be very useful, it seems like a good measure for a certain customer profile.

The advantages of a prepaid bank card

Every day more people are opting for this product, since the associated advantages are very overwhelming. We highlight the following:

  • They are ideal to use to buy over the internet. With them we are able to reduce the possibility that our checking account will be emptied or that there will be an improper charge. If, for example, you are going to buy a product with a value of 37 euros. You can top up your prepaid bank card from your checking account with that exact amount.
  • A prepaid bank card allows you to reduce the level of spending . Have a large balance in our checking account, and an unlimited debit card; or a credit can become a danger. For that reason, these cards are ideal for those who cannot easily control themselves, while also helping them save. Nothing more comfortable than setting a weekly budget and adapting to it.
  • In the event of physical theft, we are reducing the possibility of the thief taking the maximum amount of the card. But with the one that is preloaded.
  • They usually have a very small cost, or at best they are free.

How to request a prepaid bank card

These cards are offered by practically all banks in our country. All you have to do is request an appointment at your office, or access your online banking to request the one you want. In a few days you have it at your home, and its use is identical to that of any debit card. Put the PIN code you want and keep it in your wallet. Or much better, if you have a smartwatch or a smartphone, you can probably associate it with these devices. In this way you can start paying electronically, which is always more secure.

And how is it recharged?

It is very simple, you can do it either from an ATM, or by accessing your online banking. In the "cards" section, select yours and assign the amount you want . Both the minimum and the maximum depend on each entity. Once the operation is confirmed, this amount is subtracted from your bank account and is stored on your prepaid bank card. Do you see how it is very simple?

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