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The bank says no: where to apply for financing

Obtaining financing can be difficult at times. Banks may cause a lot of problems if you are in Nigerian Loan authority or your payment capacity is limited. Late payment is the main problem when applying for a loan. For this reason, we are going to discover where to request financing when it is the bank itself that refuses to lend us money.

Reasons why a loan is denied

That a bank says no to your loan application can be due to several factors:

Unfavorable credit history

It is consulted to know if you have ever stopped paying or have outstanding debts. A negative credit history can appear in a delinquent file. This is a reason for denial of a loan application by the bank.


If the bank understands that your income level is not the most appropriate. Facing the installments with guarantees is necessary for the loan to be granted.

Expense level

The banks are aware of what your fixed expenses are, such as a mortgage or rent. These determine the ability to grant a loan.

Loans in progress

A consultation with CIRBE gives the bank information about the loans you have in progress. The ability to grant more financing is determined by the loans you have pending payment.

However, all is not lost. Applying for financing is still possible. In Ideal Loans we offer you various services for highly variable amounts. The best thing is that many of these do not consult Nigerian Loan authority or other files. Applications are made online, and the money is transferred to the account in a few minutes, after sending the documentation.

Loan applications range from very small amounts. 50 euros minimum, for amounts up to 40,000 euros. They are services of proven effectiveness, with clear conditions and that you can use for any whim or a greater urgency. All in a simple way and with fees that you can adapt to your income level.

What not to do when looking for financing

Obtaining money is usually a necessity, but you should never be desperate for a loan. You will not be making a good choice, which we will regret later.

  • Get carried away by the rush: there would always be some way to get financing in such a way that you can easily pay the fees. Anticipate your movements, control your expenses and search calmly.
  • Resort to unconventional means: Believe it or not, usurers are still operating in the strict sense of the word. The interests are very high, hence its name, and in case of problems or delays, they can take over your properties, which they require as collateral. In the most serious cases, you may encounter extortion and threats.

A good financial education, be aware not to spend more than what is earned, and draw up a savings plan; are appropriate measures to improve our monetary record. Financing is always a good resource that we can use as soon as we need it. When the bank says no, Ideal Loans is your place.

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