Special loan or credit promotions

Special promotions of loans or credits, how to take advantage of it?

Many times, the financing that banks offer you are accompanied by special promotions for loans or credits . It is a way to reward customers, to retain them or to invite new people to try your services.

What are the special promotions of loans or credits

The most common ones that should be taken into account when requesting these financial products are the following:

Interests more low

One of the most used promotions in banks is a low percentage in the TIN and the APR of the loan; this if the payroll is domiciled. In addition, some usually include a decrease in management commissions, they can even eliminate commissions. Granting a loan or credit requires a prior study of the borrower's situation. This used to entail certain fees for the study and the opening of the loan , but already certain banks are eliminating them for their clients.

Seniority benefits

When you have been a customer of the same entity for a long time, some banks usually offer loyalty promotions. These promotions usually arrive via email, so it is advisable to always look at these emails. Another common case is that some banks reduce the interest on loans for their regular customers. Likewise, if from the beginning as a client, other financial credit products have already been used and they have been returned on time, and no debts have been contracted. The bank can reward you with lower interest for subsequent loans. They are what is called promotions for good credit history .

On the other hand, financial institutions also offer attractive promotions for new clients. This is a formula used for a long time to attract new customers. These promotions tend to vary constantly and are for a limited time.

Other bank promotions

For new customers , there are promotions for which it is not necessary to have an account with the bank. These offer loans of different amounts that can be requested via the web. There are also special loans which have better interests, this thanks to the utility that is given to the loan. An example of this is sustainable loans , better known as green loans. Its advantage is that the APR and TIN interest rates are reduced.

Banks can also offer so-called contingency expansion loans. These are used to meet emergency expenses or specific purchases . They are promotions with which the client has the money immediately and has very flexible terms to return it. For amounts such as € 3000 or € 5000, or loans to invest; where the entity leaves the money to encourage the client to use the investment products.

Flexible mortgages

They give the opportunity to pay the mortgage with a variable installment, depending on whether the Euribor rises or falls. Fix , regardless of whether the Euribor rises or falls. And mixed , a combination of the above. For example: 10 years fixed fee and the rest variable.

The best thing is to compare the special promotions of loans or credits of the different banks. In Ideal Loans you can learn about promotions from different financial entities and choose the one that best suits your need.

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