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Apply these security measures to buy online

Electronic commerce began in a primal way with the popularization of the internet. Although its use is now very common. Buying globally and without leaving home is a way to save money and access a practically infinite product catalog. However, following some security measures to buy online is the best way to avoid being scammed. In some cases, this type of deception can have a difficult degree of resolution. We help you protect yourself when making your purchases online with these tips.

Helpful safety tips for online shopping

First of all, you have to get out of your head that the internet is a tangle in which it is very easy to be deceived. Nothing further from reality. Most stores have an online presence and it is easy and safe to buy from them. But that does not mean that there are malicious people who want to take advantage of those who act without caution. Follow these 5 tips to act safely.

Too pretty? Distrust

Indeed, if a product is too cheap, it probably has some kind of unpleasant addition. Nobody gives anything away, and if they give it to you, the product is you and your personal data. Bargains appear rarely and always on trusted sites. Those sneakers that have dropped 95 percent in price are sure to hide something else.

Without padlock there is no purchase

When making a payment you have to check if a padlock appears in the address bar. Indicates that this place is safe and transactions are carried out in an encrypted manner. Your bank details are protected, which you can check by clicking on the same padlock. All the provider information will appear.

Analyze the web

If the name of the store does not sound familiar, take a few minutes to research online. Just type the name of the store followed by the word "opinions" in the search engine. You will see what users say about it. A very interesting detail is to see if an email appears. If this is not corporate, that is, its domain is that of a hotmail or gmail server, better not buy.

Do not give your keys

When buying with a bank card, you will never be asked for your PIN number. Everything is done through a secure payment system in which the operation must be confirmed by entering a code sent by SMS to your mobile.

Cover your back

Never pay for a product purchased online by money transfer methods such as MoneyGram or Western Union. They do not allow a refund and in case of problems you will not be able to recover it. Use your debit or credit card, or even your virtual or prepaid card. If you have an incident, perhaps the insurance can take over.

I have been scammed, what to do?

If you are unlucky enough to have fallen into the trap. Collect all the information you have, proof of purchase sent email, screenshots of the transaction, address and email. In short, everything you have, and file the corresponding complaint with the National Police, Autonomous Police or Civil Guard. They will inform you on how to proceed, you can even make the complaint electronically and go to the police station just to validate it. Finally, do not be sorry and help the community. Tell your experience in buying and selling forums about what has happened to you, you will be informing other users and putting others on alert.

Do not think that behind online purchases there are people who just want to deceive you. Generally they are satisfactory, but following some basic protocols are the best security measures to buy online.

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