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4 Apr

Money, money and once more money. This is a topic that all people are dealing with today. If there is enough, everything is fine, but when they are missing, there is a problem. At that time, people approached loan applications. An explanation over at

Immediate loan approval, fast money delivery, no registry check-up, record loan, money for anything, but especially instant etc.

Are these phrases known to you? Maybe you’re using them yourself.

These are the most searched terms on the Internet. This means that for those who find themselves in financial difficulties, these loan characteristics are decisive.

Money immediately, money today, money within 24 hours. These 3 terms are most widely used.

More and more popular non-bank loans

More and more popular non-bank loans

In the first place, a person in need always decides between a bank and a non-bank loan. Everyone has the right to request money from their bank or other bank, but practice is often that the bank simply does not borrow.

Banks are generally stricter and require quantities of documents, confirmation and waiting times. It is these factors that often result in the client not fulfilling all the conditions and the loan being rejected.

Why do banks refuse to borrow money?

Why do banks refuse to borrow money?

The most common reasons for bank rejection are as follows:

  • The applicant does not want or cannot prove the income

“Side income”, “Black work”, “Oral work” and so on. This is how many people earn money today. They do not have proof of income, they are often paid only for hand, or income tax, for which they do not want to document anything that concerns him in any way.

The bank will send you away without receiving a receipt before you enter the door. But there is also so-called. income statement. This is enough for some banks to agree, but expect more interest and more expensive charges.

SOLUTION: Consor Brand works with different companies. Most of them will not ask you for any proof of income. Please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • The applicant has a registry entry

If you do not prove your income to the bank, it immediately reaches the debtors’ registers and looks for your previous payment history. A bank will also provide a loan if you have a record. Again, however, it will often burden him with unbearable interest because he wants to get the most out of you in case you get into problems with repayment.

They do not look into the registers even if they also have access to them. They will therefore not evaluate you according to your history and will rather borrow a smaller amount for the first time. You will be able to apply for more and save your interest after it has been repaid.

SOLUTION: Page is exceptional in that it brings together many providers. Some view the registers, but there are still enough to ignore the record. Write to us and the operator will explain more.

  • The applicant does not meet the general conditions for approval

In this case no one will lend you. These are the basic prerequisites for obtaining a loan, including a minimum age of 18, legal capacity, Slovak citizenship, permanent or temporary residence in the Slovak Republic, etc.

Some providers also have other basic terms. Find out about them at a particular company.

Why are fast online loans so popular?

Why are fast online loans so popular?

Online non-bank loans have recently gained the greatest popularity in the loan market – short-term loans. They have several benefits that you will not find with other credit products. These points could be summarized as follows:

  • simple application form 
  • almost instantaneous approval
  • money from a few dozen euros to thousands
  • transparent conditions
  • offer comparable to banks
  • maximum fulfillment of client’s requirements
  • without viewing the registers
  • without proof of purpose
  • fast delivery
  • even without proof of income
  • no waiting at branches

Differences between bank and instant non-bank loans

Differences between bank and instant non-bank loans

1. Simple application form

To simplify and speed up the process, providers are trying to relieve the future client of listing complex forms with dozens of fields and often incomprehensible questions. The trend is to use the contact form to obtain only personal data (for registry checks) and information on the amount of loan requested.

Consor Brand will display these few data to participating companies that will use them to create an adequate offer.

2. No approval for anything

The bank will review you, which inevitably extends the total loan approval time and money delivery to your account. The registers also check non-banknotes, but not all. The number of companies available on the market will always find which registers are ignored.

The non-bankers are not at risk of this delay because they send money immediately. Note, however, that non- banknotes, including our website, process requests during business hours (Consor Brand has a working hours of PO-PIA from 08:00 to 17:00).

If your chosen company does not call you immediately, make sure that you do not send the application after working hours, on the day of work or the like.

3. Money from a few euros to thousands

Again one of the advantages offered by non-bankers. Banks are not used to focus on borrowing low amounts. Non- banknotes can borrow 20 or 50 € with your SMS or online loan product, which you may be missing in your payout. These short-term loans are payable on a one-off basis and you simply return them after your account is credited. Their popularity is great because the client does not have to worry about monthly payments. He also does not need to borrow unnecessarily much, but just as much as he needs.

Banks focus on higher loan amounts. But you will also be offered a non-bank, often under similar, if not more favorable, conditions than the bank.

4. Clear terms

The Government Order always orders lenders to specify exactly the exact interest and so-called. total remuneration (interest + fees + RPMN). After examining a number of websites, we found that the most well-known banks and non-banks comply with this regulation.

We also monitor whether the offer of providers is governed by the so-called . interest rate ceiling . What are you reading here.

Since it is not clear to our Consor Brand website which company will provide you with a loan , this information will be disclosed directly by the company operator. We do not conceal anything and respond to all questions asked by our clients.

Well-arranged contract without hidden “catchers” and small letters is a matter of course for us.

5. Offer comparable to banks

At the moment, the lending market is at its peak and there is huge competition among providers. It’s a gratifying message for clients. Thanks to the “overcrowded” market, banks with non-bankers are overtaking in speed of delivery, reliable approval, but especially in the value of their bids.

While bank loans have been more advantageous in the past, today the balance is flat and you can often get a better loan with a non-bank.

However, it depends on the particular provider. Check with your bank or contact us . We would like to introduce you to our offer.

6. Maximum fulfillment of client requirements

A common scenario is that you have an idea of ​​the amount of your future loan. With the idea you go to the bank, but there you lend only half of you because of weak trust. Worse, your application will be rejected.

The non-bank does not need to find out anything. You will submit a request, the company will give you an offer and it is up to you whether you will agree with it or you will reach the competition. However, it is certain that you usually get as much as you need and will not restrict you to the opinion that the bank has created.

7. Without viewing the registers

As we have written, non-banknotes have access to the register, but they may not be able to view it in all circumstances. If you have a listing, you can inform the provider. He’ll probably set you somewhat higher interest than if you were without a record. However, you will receive the money and you will not lose money because of the “note” in the register.

8. Without proof of purpose

In this, banks and non-banknotes are unanimous. Nobody will ask you what money you need. At the same time, no one will ask you for blocks and invoices for purchases from borrowed money.

Only banks require the purpose if you have a mortgage. The mortgage is used to purchase or rebuild a property. Non-bank loans do not provide mortgage loans. 

9. Fast delivery

The bank can deliver money quickly when you are a client. At that time, he has a detailed overview of your account status, revenue, and expenses. 

However, if you are not a bank client, or if your account does not look pink, ask for a non-banknote. If you submit a request during business hours, the money may be sent to you on the same day.

If you have a bank other than the provider, the money usually arrives the next day, and so within 24 hours.

10. Without proof of income

As we have already written, non-banknotes do not evaluate you according to banks’ ratings. The bank will not lend you without income.

We will lend you non-banknotes, even though we reiterate the slight increase in the price of the loan compared to the receipt. However, people in need may be happy to get money and nobody will unnecessarily burden them with requirements that they are unable to meet.

11. No waiting at branches

Significant positives of online loans. You no longer need to measure your way to one of the branches. You don’t even need to stand in line and tease whether the loan will agree with you.

Online loans also provide banks and non-banks. There are even many new banks and companies that operate exclusively via the Internet, saving resources for running branches and paying a number of employees.

As for the convenience of bank and non-bank loans , all of the above-mentioned factors affect them.

Of course, it is also possible to find disadvantages in everything. We found these:

  • Anonymous loans are more expensive than loans from the bank – the reason is anonymity, which may be an advantage for you if you do not want to or can not document the bank with the required documents. Higher fees and more expensive interest are only the consequence of the provider not having a good overview of you and covering himself against a possible repayment problem.

Consor Brand works with so many providers that you always come across one that can provide a loan for everyone. If you miss your money, see for yourself and get a tailor-made offer .

  • Risk of Fraud – You have certainly read a lot of sad stories on the Internet about how people have lost their savings and often the roof over their heads. Tricksters are really thriving nowadays. Virtually anyone can set up a company, because only a regular company can do it.

Consor Brand only cooperates with well-known and proven companies that people know and use daily. As a result, only providers who take their business seriously and have a priority customer, not just a quick interest profit, will get to your application .


We hope that our article has helped you to navigate between non-bank and bank internet loans.

However, the “score” is balanced because providers compete with each other and any improvement or advantage on one side is automatically transferred to the other side. As a result, any client-side attachment will immediately be reflected in the less-favored provider, who modifies its offer to a more popular “colleague”.

If you are interested in a convenient non-bank loan, please fill in the contact form . An operator of one of the participating companies will contact you. He will propose the best possible loan for you. The application is non-binding, free of charge and your personal information will not be used for any advertising or other marketing purposes.

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